Make the impact you were born to make.

What if you were living the life that you daydream about? As the Founder and Lead Coach of Ora Māia, I help you create the reality you crave. You will break through blind spots and limiting beliefs that hold you back from truly kicking ass in life. You will not only live a courageous and confident life, you will inspire others do to the same. It takes effort and a willingness to get a little dirty, a little uncomfortable, in order to find your power, strength, and true joy. You will develop a wealth of tools to take action, grab life by the reins, and live an even better life than you dreamed. 

If you are ready to feel your heart beat fully, to embody what it feels like to be alive, and to see how you can break through personal boundaries and achieve what it is that you want, coaching is the right tool for you. I want your heart to light up with that crazy warm feeling, in a simple state of disbelief that you actually just did “that” – whatever that “that” may be. I want you to live in a state of freedom, curiosity, and exploration of life, as a professional, an individual, and as a community member.

"I want you to never be dormant, but to erupt in the full you."

Ora Māia clients want to take action in life and need direction, inspiration, and accountability.  I work with individuals who want to explore the possibility within and around them but need support to do so. My clients have good lives, but are seeking GREAT lives. I will help you step forward in exhilaration with confidence, courage, and bold strength.


Life is full of peaks and valleys, twists and turns, bumps and dips, and it is your choice how to approach it.  



“In four short months, I learned more about myself and others than in the previous 4 years combined. I feel mentally and physically stronger than when I began the program!” - Sam D. Washington D.C.

"Lindsay Gurley is a wonderfully unique and genuine woman who openly shares her gifts for the betterment of her clients. She has made me believe in the power of life coaching and I can see her positive impact on my life. Lindsay is powerful, understanding, real, raw and kind, all rolled into one." - Sarah M. Carbondale, CO

"Lindsay helped me see my own wisdom and let me know it’s okay to not always feel like I’ve got access to it… but she also showed me how powerful it can be once we do uncover our own truths."- Sarah U. Carbondale, CO

"I continue to work with Lindsay after many years, it is a way for me to find peace, time for myself, have fun and true adventure in the beauty of wilderness in the Aspen area. Words can't even being to explain the experiences we have had." - J. Florida

"After working with Lindsay, all of the tension and worry that I had been bottling up felt like it had lifted off of me. I feel emotionally and physically lighter and realized that it isn't doing me any good to focus so intently on the negative feelings and thoughts I have had. As Lindsay suggested, I have loosened my hold on the reins of my life just enough to get comfortable again." -Ashley L. Denver, CO