Lindsay Gurley

Ora Māia Founder & Lead Coach

As an inquisitive and tenacious Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Empowered Sexuality expert, and life-long adventurer, I bring a strong and grounded energy to propel you forward. Thriving off of raw and real experiences in the wilderness and daily life I will help you get comfortable in the uncomfortable and to step forward in exhilaration with confidence, courage, and bold strength.


I founded Ora Māia as a platform to reconnect individuals to their true selves, through exploration and wild play in the woods, deep inner work and personal growth, and rejuvenation for your whole self. By creating powerful coaching experiences and real adventures, I inspire you to get dirty, romp through rivers, climb up your own peaks, and consciously step into the life you truly desire.

I help people feel fully alive and to thrive in who they are as they adventure beyond their greatest beliefs (and get a little wild while doing it)!

I specialize in working with men and women who are looking for more in life, who are aching for transformation and adventure, and who are ready to lead an empowered life with big impact in the world. I offer personalized programs to explore your own inner world, uncover your deepest dreams, and make them a reality. And I am basically obsessed with awakening your inner drive and how to make your dreams happen.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

Adventure & Wilderness

Gurley rock climbing

From a young age the wilderness stole my heart. From backpacking at two years old (as an addition to my father's shoulders) to sailing across the Pacific Ocean in college, and falling in love with rock climbing in my twenties, I have been immersed in exploration and adventure. To me, nature is as a place of infinite wonder and awe that opens doors to truly meeting yourself.

Currently, I am head over heels for rock climbing. I spend a lot of my time in the spring and fall in the red cliffed desert of Indian Creek. I am constantly being challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's the bread to my butter as a sport, adventure, and connection to an inspiring community. 

If I am not climbing, or working with clients, you would find me hiking or running through the ample wonders of nature, fly fishing on high alpine lakes and creeks, biking single track of Prince Creek, skiing deep pow, or reading a book in my hammock.

Education & Training

After studying Environmental Science and Anthropology at the University of Denver, I leaped into the professional environmental world in the city and overtime realized the mountains were calling. I moved to Aspen, Colorado to work for an environmental education non-profit, ACES, and fell in love with the dramatic beauty and wilderness surrounding the Roaring Fork Valley. Working with several non-profits in sustainability and land conservation in the area, I have built a deep understanding to support leaders of today.

Souluna Life Coach | Kripalu Yoga Instructor | Adventure Seeker

Souluna Life Coach | Kripalu Yoga Instructor | Adventure Seeker

After landing in the Roaring Fork Valley, my yoga practice of ten years reached a peak and depth that I had never expected. Inspired my local, Aspen yoga teacher, Evan Soroka, I decided to become a yoga teacher myself. I studied at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2012 and have been teaching in the Valley ever since. I intricately weave my love of live, coaching techniques, authentic voice, and play into each class. Currently, I teach at True Nature Healing Arts and the River Valley Ranch Club in Carbondale, Colorado and at Fahrenheit Body Spa in Basalt, Colorado. 

My passion for connection and self development extends beyond yoga and adventure, and lead me to the power of coaching. In the roller coaster of life, I was searching for a way to offer my purpose and service to the world. That is when I heard about Life Coaching, the power of working with a coach, and of Souluna Life Coaching Program created by my mentor, teacher and inspirer, Coby Kozlowski. I have deep gratitude for all of the teachings Coby has weaved into my life. As a Souluna Life Coach I gained skills, techniques, and dove (and continue to dive) into personal work allowing me to fiercely inspire clients to be better than good, to be grand. 

After many years of personal studies in the world of sexuality, from Taoist to Tantric to Modern Love sexual psychology work, I brought my fascination with awakening peoples sexual worlds together with yoga and coaching. Empowered Sexuality is path to adventure into your sexual power through yogic practices, ancient wisdom, and deep personal curiosity. It’s about finding confidence and courage in the bedroom (alone or with a partner) and to harness that power in the rest of your life. A different kind of adventure!