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September 14 - 18, 2017

5 Days/ 4 Nights

Luxury ASpen Yoga Retreat & Wild Adventure

Find the Courageous & Confident adventurer that has been waiting to come out.

And Connect with a powerful tribe of women as you get out of your comfort zone and step into the life you desire.

Adventure Into You Aspen, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, will connect you to what you truly want in life and how to actively live into it. You will meet your own challenges head on, and break through barriers and limiting beliefs in order to live a fuller life.

Through daily backcountry adventures, group discussions, yoga, personal coaching, and free time in the tranquility of nature, you will create action steps for your path forward with courage and confidence. Gaining a plethora of tools to support you, you will leap into adventure, learn to deeply trust yourself, act with intention, and stand strong in your authenticity to create the reality you desire.

Let yourself be transformed by the powerful, cascading landscapes of the Rocky Mountains as you adventure with a tribe of women, explore out of your comfort zones, and most important, get a little wild and have fun!

No matter your amount of experience, you will hike through golden fall colors, climb sparkling granite walls, bike the crisp trails, practice yoga daily in the shadow of the high peaks, and eat delicious locally sourced meals.


With me you will explore what is truly possible in your life

This retreat is an adventure into you and nature. Set on a secluded ranch in the Elk Range of the Rocky Mountains it is just far enough from town to unplug and dive in, and close enough to experience the mountain life. With a private chef on site, you will eat delicious locally sourced meals, soak in the hot tub, and enjoy the radiant sunsets of the west. 


Courage and Confidence

Through adventure, play, connection, and a wealth of tools you will find you inner courage and confidence.

Personal Goals & Action Plan

Discover what you truly want in life right now and with the support of personal and group coaching you will create a three month action plan to live into your dreams. 

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Learn to how to intentionally get out of your comfort zone and build confidence and comfort in the backcountry (yes, you might pee in the woods!)

Adventure Skills

Expert guides will teach you the basic in's and out's of hiking, climbing, and adventure and how to have fun and get a little wild when you do it! 

Active Personal Wellness 

Gain and understanding of how to support your body with rest and food to recover from the days adventure to be ready for the next. 

Refined Yoga Practice

Deepen your personal yoga practice and understanding with daily classes to align and refine your body, mind, and spirit. 

A Tribe

Connect with a group of powerful, adventurous women who will build a community to support one another post retreat. 


Adventure Into You Aspen Retreat Itinerary


Your retreat begins the day you sign up to join Raw & Real Aspen. Starting with a one-on-one discovery call, we will dive into where you are right now in life, where you would like to go, and what you are looking for. This personal coaching session will launch you into preparing for this retreat and for the adventurous life you really want!


Day 1: Connect & Ground Down

Raw & Real Aspen begins at 3pm when you arrive at the Mountain Villa and settle into your space. We will join together in the sweet Colorado sun for a group meeting to get to know one another, go over the logistics, and then we will start diving in. The afternoon will include an outdoor yoga practice and meditation leading into a group session. The evening will round out with a feast for the senses and plenty to time to acquaint yourself to your surroundings and others. 

Day 2: Into the Wild

Starting the morning with a nourishing breakfast we will set out on the trail early, to hike up one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the Aspen region. I will guide you, along with our AMGA Backcountry & Climbing Guide Sammy Podhurst, through the aspen trees with continuous views to a pristine high alpine lake, where we will have lunch on the trail. We will trek back to an afternoon yoga stretch session, group circle, and yet another delicious meal brought to us by Chef Simone. You will find inspiration and connection to what you truly want in life and how to walk towards it.  


Day 3: Flow

We will start the morning with a peaceful meditation taking us directly into our breakfast followed by a morning of exploring into you. We will have an active yoga practice and lunch in the golden aspen leaves of the fall. The afternoon will include an optional bike excursion or time to relax at the Mountain Villa, your choice.  


Day 4: Upward & Inward

After another blissful morning meal we will reunite with our AMGA Guide, Sammy Podhurst, and head out for a day on Independence Pass. We will hike to the glistening granite wall where we will rock climb and explore. Again, this is for all levels, maybe you have never climber and are petrified of heights or you climb in the gym or get out more often. There will be something for everyone and with the support of one another you will face whatever challenges may come your and intentionally move. The day will wrap up with a group circle, yoga stretch class, and appetizers and drinks in the hot tub before we roll into our last group dinner!

Day 5: Intention Forward

A sweet closing circle in the morning that will take us into action plan creation. You will leave the retreat with a simple, yet precise ways, to move forward into the life you desire. A celebratory brunch of our time together will wrap up the retreat. 


The power and connection of the retreat will continue once we part ways, with six weeks of Adventure Challenges posted to our social group page and accountability from your tribe. You will also have a post-retreat one-on-one coaching session with me, on the phone or in person. We are going to keep this energy moving forward, connected and inspired by each other! 


About Your Host and Coach, Lindsay Gurley

I am a passionate adventurer, educator, and leader that strives to deeply connect individuals with their true selves, wilderness, and others. I work to create purpose, courage and confidence, and to promote a positive relationship with the environment and the world. Supporting others in creating the life they truly desire aligned with personal growth, deep inner work, wilderness, and adventure is what excites me.

As a Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and lifelong Adventure Seeker, I created Raw & Real Retreats from the joy and knowledge I have gained through my personal backcountry experiences, leadership trainings, yoga workshops, and my own deep personal work. Raw & Real Retreats are a conduit to explore the unknown, in the wilderness or your own life, the Retreat is an experience to relax and renew, to get dirty and play, to discover what you really want and how to bring a better self into fruition. 

I want to support your discovery and inspire you to dive into the depths of yourself. To get vulnerable and see what the future holds. With me, you will step past limiting beliefs and barriers and find where your next real adventure lies. 

Expert Guide, Sammy Podhurst 


Growing up on the east coast, Sammy always knew she wanted to move west. Impatient to finish college, she hurried up and graduated a year early to pursue her life on the new frontier.

Sammy has been with Aspen Expeditions since 2011. She is a passionate climber and an obsessive ski mountaineer. She is a certified AMGA Rock Guide 1 and Alpine Ski Guide with Aspen Expeditions. 

Locals in town know Sammy as “Sunny Sam,” which is easily explained once you meet her. A ball of happy, positive vibes, Sammy is always up for anything and doing so in good spirits. When Sammy is not out skiing or climbing in the mountains, she is herding her two border collies, usually running through the mountains.


What Others are Saying... 

"Lindsay has such a knack for making the outdoors accessible. I have always been a bit timid to get outside and explore, but Lindsay makes it feel natural, fun, and takes the intimidation out of it. I faced some challenges on the trail and we worked through it with a powerful mini-coaching and I got to know myself in a way that I don't think I could have in a class setting." - Alyssa 
"I reconnected with my sense of self more than anything, I have been gaining all of these new aspects of my personality over the last few years and I haven’t had the opportunity to think about who I really want to be moving forward. It is not so much about what I will do, or where I will go, but how I will be that has changed because of my work with Lindsay. My self awareness has been heightened since we worked together, making me aware of when I am judging myself too harshly, or wasting time instead of being efficient so that I can play later."  - Ashley
"Three words that described my Retreat: Clarifying, rejuvenating, & grounding." - Emily
"It's through the adventure and one-on-one time we spend together that makes this experience better than any other I have tried. I have been working with Lindsay for over five years and each day we spend together allows me to let go a little more, to release what clutters my life, to really give myself ME time, and discover what I really want. Plus, getting dirty, stuck in the rain, and walking across log bridges is a lot easier when exploring with Lindsay." - J. 
"I was reminded of the power and beauty of being quiet in nature and that deep listening is essential for transformation." - E. 

As an all inclusive, fully accommodating experience, you will be immersed in the retreat right as you arrive. With pickup in Carbondale or the Aspen airport, to the gourmet meals, adventures, coaching, yoga, and a group of rad women this retreat will light up all of your senses. If you are yearning to create something new, discover more meaning in your life, explore the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and dive into self exploration, this retreat is for you. The work and goals created while we are together can continue to deepen post retreat, with an optional 6 month coaching package special post retreat. 

Your Adventure into you Aspen Retreat Includes:

  • Five days and four nights shared or private accommodations at the Mountain Villa 
  • Local & Organic gourmet Meals/Snacks from check in to check out
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice
  • Daily Adventure + Interactive Coaching
  • Discovery Pre-Retreat Coaching Session
  • Post Retreat Group Connection
  • Post Retreat private Coaching Session 
  • All transportation during the retreat
  • AMGA Certified Rock Climbing & Backcountry Guide 
  • 3 month Action Plan to put your work into action
  • Wild Adventure and fun! 


Shared Room: $1999

Private Room: $2499 

(Note: This is a small retreat, limited number of shared spaces and private rooms!)

Shared Room
Private Room

Booking Directions:

Please read the Booking Terms

Your spot is saved once you have paid your deposit and have filled out the below Application. Full payment due August 1, 2017.

Don't want to use Paypal? Payment is also accepted by check or money order to PO Box 688 Carbondale, CO 81623. Please email me directly if you are interested - LindsayGurleyCoaching@gmail.com


I ask that each participant takes a few (about 10 or so!) minutes to complete a quick "application" so I can get to know you and make sure that the retreat is a good fit for you. So give yourself some space and uninterrupted time to answer the questions. Feel free to pay your deposit now or once I send you an invitation after I review your application. I do ask for you to make the payment within 3 days of receiving the invitation, as it is a small group, space is limited and is going quickly! 

You will receive a welcome packet and discovery questionnaire via email upon payment. 

Payment plan is available case by case.

Month of May Booking Bonus:



Questions about the Retreat?



Book in the month of May and get an additional pre-retreat coaching session ($200 value) to launch you into your own personal adventure. What could be better than a little extra attention and clarity pre-retreat? Book Now! 


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