Set Aside and Open Up

Photo credit:  Zohre Nemati  

Photo credit: Zohre Nemati 

I was recently introduced to the Set Aside Prayer (a practice regularly used in the 12-step program) by a close friend and mentor this past week. I have to admit, I am not one that really "prays" very often. I have my own relationship with what I see as a "higher power", and praying to the universe, nature, however I see it, isn't something I generally lean towards as a practice. Yet, something struck me about it and I decided to give it a try. It's a way to just let go of whatever I am holding on to so I can truly open up to what is real and in front of me. 

The Set Aside Prayer (Original)
God, Please help me set aside
everything I think I know
about myself, my disease,
the 12 steps, and especially You;
So I may have an open mind
and a new experience
of all these things.
Please let me see the truth.

As much as I appreciate the original prayer, I knew in order for it to work for me, with who I am, what I believe, and how I view the word God I wanted to meld the prayer into my own. So I made it basic.

Let me set aside.... (fill in with: whatever is holding me back or creating a belief system)

Repeat as many times as need. 

Simple. That's all it needs to be.

This prayer is something I plan to suggest to clients when wrapped up in whats holding them back. I work with people daily to help them shift their personal beliefs and to release barriers holding them back from truly making the impact they desire in the world. I am seriously blessed to get to witness these individuals make huge, yet subtle shifts in their perspectives and their lives. And surprise, surprise -- I get to do the same work with myself (with the help of my coach, friends, & partner). I have a lot of my own limiting beliefs that sneak into play and hold me back. So for the past week and moving forward I am playing with this prayer, to let go of what is holding me, be it "good" or "bad", and see what comes from really being open without any preconceived notions. 

So, I share with you my prayer from the first day I practiced, it could be the same each day or different depending on my current barriers and views. Not all that I set aside is necessarily holding me back, some are huge successes in my life, and being in experiment with letting it all go -- thats where the magic of possibility really lies. We are all human, each having our own sneaky gremlin voices (inner-critic) chiming in... here is a view into some of mine -- both gremlins and my higher self. 

Let me...

Set aside what I think my business should be

Set aside that I have to make a difference, a great impact

Set aside being a coach

Set aside wanting to heal the planet

Set aside my success

Set aside being an entrepreneur

Set aside self-doubt

Set aside having to find clients that really want to make an impact in the world

Set aside having to figure it all out

Set aside being an outdoor/adventure enthusiast

Set aside having to save the world

Set aside all my fears of being a business owner/ entrepreneur

Set aside pragmatic/ logistical Lindsay

Set aside what I create isn’t useful/helpful/worthy

Set aside having to make it perfect 

Set aside the details

.... and the list goes on.

Brining a voice to all the thoughts, beliefs, and barriers made it possible for me to get super clear on the project I was working on. It made me even more confident in who I am, what my business is, and what I want to bring to the world.

My journal entry on Ora Māia's work with clients, after I first practiced this prayer was:

I want to make your heart beat harder and faster, to remember what it feels like to be alive, to see how you can break through personal boundaries and achieve what it is that you want to achieve. I want your heart to light up with that crazy warm feeling, in a simple state of disbelief that you actually just did “that” – whatever that “that” may be. To live in a state of freedom, curiosity, and exploration of life. To never be dormant, but to erupt in the full you. As a professional, an individual, and as a unit within the whole.

I help people feel alive, to thrive in who they are and to adventure beyond their greatest beliefs.

Again, simple and the truth. I was clouded by all of those voices and stories within my mind that I couldn't clearly see or remember what my purpose was. 

Give it a go. Let me know what it does for you. 

Adventure -- It's my beating heart.

Adventure. It's defined many different ways by many different people. I mean, I can define adventure in a different way throughout the course of one day. Adventure can be an epic journey into the high country, conquering a mountain peak, or a short walk by the river. Shoot, an adventure can be meeting someone new and connecting, getting to know one another. I love adventure -- on any scale and at any level. Adventure is like the beat of my heart - it keeps me going, it exhilarates my whole being, it literally and metaphorically pumps my blood. 

I was recently ill for the whole month of April. Out. Laid up in bed for days at a time. I would feel healthy again, go outside, try to have a little adventure and BAM - in bed again for a whole day. It was a challenge for me. A challenge to just chill, relax, and not to push it. No skiing. No running. No biking. Hardly any yoga. Once May came around and I was feeling better I wanted to jump back in full force. Bike, ski, run... I wanted it all. I had to SLOW DOWN, remind myself to ease back in, and enjoy the simple adventures. 

So over two weeks I eased back in. A short trail run in the red dirt, clouds drifting above and flowers blossoming. An "epic" mountain bike date that ended with me pushing my bike up the trail, in the dark, exhausted and cold. A hike up my favorite trail, overlooking Mount Sopris - a constant inspiration. And two days of climbing, thanks to a close friend who supported and pushed me to get back on the rock and face some heavy fears rooted deep in my psyche from a climbing fall last year.

Shane @ the Fins in Thompson Creek 

Shane @ the Fins in Thompson Creek 

And just this Saturday, I got my yearly ski up that inspirational mountain that looms high above Carbondale in all its glory. A six mile hike and skin to the peak of Mount Sopris at 12,996ft, with four other amazing women. A perfect 29th birthday celebration for Courtney. It was grueling, yet so satisfying. My body, strong yet not as strong as it was. We started the morning around 5am at the trailhead, coffee streaming through our veins, hooting and hollering before we began our trek up. Skis and boots strapped to our back, we hiked for just under two miles to the overlook meadow. The sun rising, beaming behind the Holy Cross Wilderness ridgeline, illuminated Sopris peak in a pink hue.

Leaving our shoes behind we started to skin through the woods, over minimal dirt patches, up to Thomas Lakes. Playing a game of leap frog with two guys heading up, we passed the trees and into the Thomas Lakes Bowl. Just slick and steep enough that ski crampons would have been helpful (Kendall was crushing with those crampons). But at least falling is entertaining, if not momentarily terrifying that one might slide all the way down the pitch.

Sliding and sitting! 

Sliding and sitting! 

About half way up the bowl my legs started giving way. This was definitely the most activity I had done in weeks, like 5 weeks. Especially after two days of rock climbing. I'd go about twenty steps and bam, my quads would seize up. Harnessing by breathe I would stop, slow my breathing, moan, and after a few moments do it again. Every twenty to fifty steps, I would stop. Aching. I felt like I was birthing a child through my legs. Intense. Once to the ridge I stretched, ate some salts, and layered up to stay warm from the howling winds. We cruised up the ridge to the summit. Cider and birthday cake to celebrate the birthday girl and reaching the summit! All worth it. No matter my quads thoughts. 

The skin up! Photo Credit: Hilary Gross

The skin up! Photo Credit: Hilary Gross

The ski down was so delightful! Spring corn, a pocket of fresh turns, and four other magnificent women smiling as each cruised down. A party ski down the "best backcountry blue" and then to seriously wrap up the ski - Courtney crushed a backcountry pond skim. We skied out to our shoes, packed up, ski pants off, and hiked back to the car, chatting about how we take care of our hair and onward to brunch. It was a true adventure. And better yet, it was a lady adventure. Thats a whole different category! 

Decision Making. Photo Credit: Hilary Gross 

Decision Making. Photo Credit: Hilary Gross 

I realized every moment can be an adventure as long as I keep my eyes open and notice what I am experiencing, how it is impacting me, what it is showing me. I am interwound in my adventures. 

Adventure is what I make of it. Sometimes things don't go as planned, sometimes my body might come to a dead halt, sometimes I might push for more, taking myself to my limit. And what I am realizing is no matter what happens it really is all an adventure. Life is full of momentary adventures, be it a 6 hour journey up and down a mountain, an afternoon of climbing, a blind date, being sick for a month, or a daring conversation with a loved one. It's those moments that bring out the truth, allowing me to discover who I am -- my core values, my fears, my truths, and my joys. Adventure is my beating heart. 

Summit Adventures. Happy Birthday Courtney! 

Summit Adventures. Happy Birthday Courtney!