Ripple Effect

Untrammeled Spaces.

Bentonite Hills

Journal Entry: February 16, 2018 Capitol Reef (Unedited from entry)

Desert cliffs in front. Mountain Peaks behind. 

Desert cliffs in front. Mountain Peaks behind. 

This is what I love. To be on some strange 4x4 road, overgrown with grasses, searching out a place to rest my head for the night. I walked through the desert rock abyss until 4:30pm, the sun drifting behind the sandstone. I am out here all alone, not a soul around, and no where in sight to camp for the night. I jump in my car with just little nerves fluttering within. Will I find the place, that idealistic, magical place that is away from others, feels secure, and has a view for dinner and coffee? I lucked out today. Happened upon some very old BLM road and went for it. the road hardly visible to the naked eye, left over tracks from long ago. The sun setting quickly behind me, I gun it and search for any small clearing. I see nothing for five minute, ten minutes, and then fifteen minutes I find it -- one small block of sandstone unearthed at an arroyo. The perfect size for my car and I to slide into (without crushing any crypto!).


I am quite comfortable alone in the wilderness and I get nervous. It's funny to reflect that I was just stopping any movement every time I heard a sound. I don't get the jitters about mountain lions or critters but about people. I keep listening for noises - is that a car? I stop moving, silence. No, it is just a plane, high overhead. There are a lot of planes. Taking in my surroundings, I remember I am safe, far from much of anything, and I breathe as I sit to take in the full sunset. So, my nerves are there and that’s one of the many reasons I love doing this. To stretch my comfort, my limits. To get a little scared and feel that thrill of the blood pumping through my veins. 

I sit here in silence. Not even a bird singing, just the sound of my puffy swaying on the page as I write. It’s... well it’s indescribable. The only place I can find this peace (once my unnecessary nerves subside) is in the wild, be it car camping on BLM land or walking deep into wilderness. This is what I am. This view. The rocks. The silence. The indescribable feeling.

This feeling brings me back to what I am meant to do, to connect people (myself included) deeper to themselves, one another, and the natural world, for the sake of protecting these places, these experiences. It is rooted in everything I do, from my career, to adventure, to who I spend time with. It’s why I support people to connect deeper to themselves by connecting deeper with the natural world. It is about loving these special places and protecting them in the long run. It's these wild places, be it the desert, plains, oceans, or the mountains, that we, yes we, can all see, hear, taste, smell and touch the wonders of ourselves and the world around us. And I hope it gives others what it gives me, an overwhelming sense of who I truly am and what I want to fight for. 

[What do you want to fight for?]



: To have a direct effect on


I was recently a part of an entrepreneurial “pitch fest” up in Aspen, Colorado with the organization Aspen Entrepreneurs.  Think Shark Tank, but without the investors and the high stakes attached. Really, it was a great evening of local community members gathering and listening to some amazing businesses that are launching in the Roaring Fork Valley. With or without heavy hitters attending, I was a bit nervous to present my business, Ora Māia. Historically speaking, I have been more than comfortable in public speaking situations AND I have never actually publically spoke about my own work, it has always been for organizations I represent or work for, not MY company. Needless to say, the fear, nerves, and excitement about sharing my work and my passion was thrilling. This opportunity lit a fire under my butt to get really clear on what I want to offer in the world and how to express it fully.

I conjured up many different ways to talk about “what I do”.  I didn’t feel like any of it was really me, it felt more like a marketing scheme as I babbled off the in’s and out’s of coaching and Ora Maia. I realized sitting at a desk with pen and paper is not my brainstorm method of choice. I sat thinking to myself, “come on, Lindsay, you literally take people outside to connect deeper to their self and potential, why not go do just that?”

I packed up and went to the river. Within a few minutes of practicing my “pitch” it dawned on me (again), IMPACT! This is all about impact. Everything I am craving to bring to the world through my business is impact. I crave to make a greater impact in the world and I know that my calling, the way I can make the greatest impact, is by helping others deeply know themselves, their gifts and talents, and break through personal barriers in order for them to also make a BIG impact. IMPACT IMPACT IMPACT! That’s my center point. My center of gravity.

This is why I pursued coaching and created Ora Māia. For years, I witnessed friends, family, colleagues, and especially myself, doubting possibilities, potential, and just living a “good” life. I support clients to get clear, to get confident, and to actively step forward in the life. And to actually do it!

I realized I wanted to make a greater impact, and my calling is to help people connect deeper to themselves, to one another, and to the planet as a whole. So I created it, and I am lucky enough to support, push, and witness people to grow into the person that makes the bigger impact in the world. To get clear with yourself in order to connect to you purpose

It takes commitment to yourself to explore and to grow, and courage to actually do the work and admit what you want. You are the only one that can give yourself that gift of commitment. What if you could be making a greater impact? What would that look like?

I want to create a ripple effect of impact throughout communities, be it big or tiny. So if any of this resonated with you or you may know someone that is ready to live life fully or make a bigger impact, reach out. I want to have powerful conversations with people ready to claim their full power.