"Dare greatly." ~ Brene Brown


Are you looking for something different in your life? Yearning to create something new, find more meaning or dive into self exploration? Coaching can be the first step to climb the peak to your personal growth, success and exploration. Coaching is for people who are actively living life and want to live it better! 

Sometimes, in order to get past personal barriers, step into your truth and successfully make your dreams happen, you need help.  You need someone to be at your side and call you forward to your highest potential and hold you accountable. Coaching can be that tool. As a coach, I believe anyone can live the life they desire, to step into their fullest potential and meet the peaks and valleys with compassion, wonder and excitement. 

As a certified Souluna Life Coach, an in-depth coaching program founded and instructed by Coby Kozlowski, I will help you meet your edge and expand from it. Coaching is real, it can be intense and take you to a place you might be scared to see. It is also empowering, revealing and full of possibility. It is your life -- how do you want to live it?

I believe that connecting with nature and wilderness is a key element to connecting with yourself, others, the earth and your dreams. I incorporate my background and knowledge of yoga, health coaching, backcountry guiding and wilderness skills to take a select number of clients to their edge so that they can face the challenges of life with ease, compassion and care. 

Coaching is a journey; it's about facing life's challenges and possibly tumbling down the valleys and being daring enough to get back up, begin again and create your own reality. If you truly desire a fuller life and are deeply willing to put forth the effort to create change and expand, then take a step toward the summit of your personal peak and contact me. 


Customized for you


Let's Have a powerful conversation...

Not sure what coaching is or just want a taste to see if it's right for you? I believe connecting and diving into a powerful conversation can spark inspiration within. I offer a complimentary coaching session in order to connect. Come with a topic to focus on and see what coaching is all about.