Imagine what you could do in one year... Would you actually do it?

What if you had...



time to dive in with Four personal Adventure Coaching Retreats?

Weekly Transformative Coaching?

Courageous Confidence?


Would you...

Got out of your own way?

create the real impact you were meant to make?

adventure into your dreams and make them a reality?

actually Take the challenge?


Deep down, you are aching for something new, you want to get out of your comfort zone yet something is standing in your way. The Discovery Year’s personalized adventure coaching is your ticket to get out of your constant routine, explore your possibilities, have wild transformative experiences, and get out of your own way. You will walk away from each trip with wild confidence that will radiate into every part of your life. You will not only go to your edge but you will leap towards freedom.

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The Discovery Year is my premium package for a very select number of clients who are truly dedicated and open to unveiling that which is holding them back. I only work with five to eight clients per year making it possible to customize and design this program specifically to you. It is a year for you to explore into yourself, to adventure, and discover all of the possibilities in your life.

Here's the deal, this is a real adventure where you will travel, explore, dive into personal work, relax, grow and have a freaking blast while doing it all. You might get a little dirty, you might get a little uncomfortable, and you will rise out of the muck with a new perspective, with the courage and confidence to not only imagine what you want, but to take hold of your dreams and bring it into reality. You will be diving into deep work, powerful personal transformation and development, you will meet challenges on your customized adventure, you will cross rivers, and you will meet your truest self. The Discovery Year will not only rejuvenate you, it will reignite the flame within you. And trust me, we will have a freaking blast (it’s real work and it is also life, which is meant to be enjoyed)!

Are you daring enough to make the impact in the world you were meant to make?


So what is the Discovery Year? It is a whole year dedicated to exploring your own potential and actively stepping into it. Combining the power of coaching with in-person adventures offers a platform to not only dream but to live into your highest potential. With four personalized adventure coaching retreats throughout the year, weekly coaching sessions (over the phone or in person), and unlimited email connection and support, this program is meant to get you out of your bubble, to let your inner child out, and open up to what you truly want. 

Adventure is what you make it and we will curate what adventures suite you. It could be hiking in four different National Parks, visiting Museum's across the globe, or tasting the culture of travel. The natural world is a key component to Ora Māia's mission, connecting to the greater world then just our own. Integrating connection to wild places into each adventure, the Discovery Year will re-connect you to the planet, but if outdoor adventure is not what you are seeking there are many other adventures to explore. Adventure is broad, what are you craving? 

I am based out of Aspen, Colorado where we can meet for all four Adventures throughout the year or we can pick any location that calls to you. I have a deep passion for trip curation, planning and leading around the world. I will work with you to create the best packages of accommodations, adventures, and rejuvenation. If this peaks your interest, speaks to you, or you are a 'HELL YES' email me today to set up a consultation. 

Past Locations of Adventure Coaching Retreats:

  • Colorado:

    • Aspen

    • Carbondale & Redstone

    • Telluride

  • Alyeska, Alaska

  • Asheville, North Carolina

  • Moab, Utah

  • Sedona, Arizona

  • Nosara, Costa Rica

  • Florence, Italy

  • Chamonix, France

Discovery Year: 

  • 4 - Four Day/Three Night Adventure Coaching Retreats

    • Trip Planning and Booking

    • Daily Yoga

    • Daily Adventure + Interactive Coaching

    • Coaching Sessions + Action Step Creation

  • A Year of Weekly Coaching Sessions (3 per month)

  • Personalized and co-created Coaching Assignments

  • Unlimited Email & Text Connection + Support

  • Courageous Confidence

Optional Daily Adventures:

  • Explore the great outdoors: hike; bike; fly-fish; raft; ski; sail..

  • Wine Tours

  • Farm Immersions

  • Developing Nation Home-stays

  • Service projects

  • Art gallery/ Artist tours

  • Business exploration with like-minded companies

Sample Daily Itinerary: 

  • Morning Yoga Practice

  • Local gourmet Breakfast

  • Daily optional Adventure + Interactive Coaching

  • Personal Coaching Session + Action Step Creation

  • Afternoon/Evening Personal time

  • Gourmet Dinner


With daily yoga, adventures, and coaching, you will create the reality you truly seek while immersing in the beauty of whats around you . The Discovery year is a personalized experience that will not only revitalize your whole self and unlock your fullest potential. It is a spa day of adventuring and exploring into yourself and all of your possibilities. It is designed to bring powerful shifts, transformation, and expansion into your life. What might you discover?

This is a commitment to yourself. It is an investment of your time, energy, and money. You have to be committed to wanting to do the work, to wanting to adventure, to get a little wild and see what is possible. It's a real gift and commitment to yourself! 

Investment: $25,000 plus retreat expenses (based on customization)

Limited capacity each year. Waiting lists available. Email to book a consultation and connection. 


About Your Host and Coach, Lindsay Gurley

I am a passionate adventurer, educator, and leader that strives to deeply connect individuals with their true selves, wilderness, and others. I work to create purpose, courage and confidence, and to promote a positive relationship with the environment and the world. Supporting others in creating the life they truly desire aligned with personal growth, deep inner work, and adventure is what excites me.

As a Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and lifelong Adventure Seeker, I created the Discovery Year from the joy and knowledge I have gained through my personal backcountry experiences, leadership trainings, yoga workshops, and my own deep personal work. The Discovery Year is a conduit to explore the unknown, on adventures and in your own life, it is an experience to relax and renew, to get dirty and play, to discover what you really want and how to bring it all into fruition. 

I will support your vulnerability to become your courageous self and step forward in your life as you confidently take action. With me, you will work past limiting beliefs and barriers and find where your next real adventure lies, all while having a blast. 

What Others are Saying... 

"It's through adventure and one-on-one time that makes this experience better than any other I have tried. I have been working with Lindsay for over five years and each day we spend together allows me to let go a little more, to release what clutters my life, to really give myself ME time, and discover what I really want. Plus, getting dirty, stuck in the rain, and walking across rivers is a lot easier when exploring with Lindsay." - J

"Three words that described my experience: Clarifying, rejuvenating, & grounding." - Emily

"To live an excellent life requires forces greater than us alone… it requires the humility to accept help and awareness that is not readily available at any given point in time or single experience. There is a great power in accepting our vulnerabilities and then inviting in resources that will allow us to expand to a greater version of ourselves. Lindsay’s guidance as a coach is just that, a guiding force that you have invited into your expansion process. I know for a fact that this process is just that, a process. Once you crack the window open you will realize that there is an endless amount of growth and opportunity that you can tap into. It’s almost overwhelming to realize how much growth we can do in this life… having the assistance of a coach like Lindsay makes that somewhat manageable, and it keeps us on track with what we ourselves have signed up for." - Sarah U.

"I was reminded of the power and beauty of being quiet in nature and that deep listening is essential for transformation."- Carolyn

"I reconnected with my sense of self more than anything, I have been gaining all of these new aspects of my personality over the last few years and I haven’t had the opportunity to think about who I really want to be moving forward. It is not so much about what I will do, or where I will go, but how I will be that has changed because of my work with Lindsay. My self awareness has been heightened since we worked together, making me aware of when I am judging myself too harshly, or wasting time instead of being efficient so that I can play later." - Ashley


Your Year Includes:

  • 4 Adventures Including:

    • Three nights accommodation during each retreat

    • Daily Adventures + Interactive Coaching

    • Private Morning Yoga & Meditation Practice

    • Intensive Coaching Sessions

    • Local & Organic gourmet Meals

    • All transportation during the retreat

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions for the whole year

  • Personalized and co-created Coaching Assignments

  • Unlimited Email & Text Connection + Support

  • Powerful Goal + Plan Creation and Execution

  • Courageous Confidence

  • Adventure, Play, and Wild Exploration!

Let's Explore.

Let's Ignite your Inner Fire.

Let's Create the Reality you Want.

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