Are you...

Yearning for more sexual desire?

Wondering where your libido went?

Craving more intimacy with yourself or your partner?

Wanting a mindblowing sex life?

wondering what you actually want sexually?

Just stuck?

If so… get ready to courageously empower your own sexuality!

Sex and intimacy are a taboo subject in most circles. And now is the time to challenge the norm and break through your personal beliefs around sex and actively live a life full of pleasure and desire. What might be possible for you if you were alive with desire and confident enough to share those desires with your partner? What if you could deepen your connection with intimacy and your own sexuality? Sexuality and intimacy are entangled in every fiber of life and it is your choice of how to be in relationship with life. Empowered Sexuality Coaching offers a pathway to break through your own barriers, to enliven your senses, and confidently lead a life of passion.

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Utilizing a plethora of techniques and practices from Tantra, Taoism, and several other lineages, Empowered Sexuality Coaching merges wisdom of the ages for a fulfilling sexual life. Combining these powerful tools and Ora Māia’s Life Coaching practices, this program offers a boost to your desires, self-esteem, and confidence as you learn how to incorporate your sexuality into all parts of your life. The coaching curriculum is curated to each clients needs and goals. If this strikes your fancy, connect with Lindsay today to have a complimentary conversation on sex, life, and what might be possible.

Deepen your relationship with intimacy.

 What do you desire?

What do you desire?

Empowered Sexuality Coaching Includes:

  • 2 Month Commitment (minimum)

  • Sexual Boost Intro Session (1.5 Hours)

  • 3 private Coaching Sessions per Month

  • Weekly Co-created Empowered Sexuality Assignments

  • Unlimited Text and Email Support & Connection

  • Daily & Weekly Accountability (to actually do the practices!)

Are you Courageous enough to actually invest in your sexual self? 

Does 2 months sound a little overwhelming to start? Ora Māia's Invigorate program offers one to three day customized intensives to invoke great impact in your life. This program can be curated as an Empowered Sexuality Weekend to boost your drive and desire.

Upcoming Group Yoga + Empowered Sexuality Workshops

A note from Lindsay:

The truth is, I love talking about sex and relationships. Some friends would say I am a bit obsessed. I find all the variations of relationships, sexual partnerships, and personal connections fascinating. It has been a long time dream of mine to help people unlock what might be holding them back from sexual freedom, and it is finally here!

From my own experience, I know it is a constant dance of exploration, honesty, vulnerability, and courage. It is sometimes challenging to find that confidence to speak my truth, share it with my partner, and actually try it. AND, it is unbelievably rewarding once I am brave enough to do so. This is what I am so psyched for with Empowered Sexuality - it is a doorway to uncover, unlock, and explore personal desires, passions, and sexuality. It can help someone live vivaciously by utilizing that sexual life force we all have inside of us. It is freaking awesome!

The bottom line is that I am deeply inspired to help people live fully, in every part of life, and I believe Empowered Sexuality is a path to that freedom &  fullness.

I hope to hear from you and connect!

Lindsay Gurley


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