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Yoga + Empowered Sexuality for Couples

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Yoga & Empowered Sexuality for Couples:

As a couple, ignite your relationship and awaken your sexual energy, desires, and connection in this four-hour workshop. Together, you will gain invaluable tools and practices to build deeper intimacy, a greater sex life, stronger communication, and more. Mixing Tantric and Taoist teachings, couples yoga asana, Coaching, and light heartedness, Lindsay will help you elevate your partnership as a team. This is not just about sex, it is about your relationship with one another and with the world around you. 

This workshop will include a couples yoga asana practice, experiential exercises, lecture/discussion, and personal work. Open to couples of all sexual orientations. Come with an open heart and mind, and be ready to move, laugh, and connect. Please bring a journal, pen, and a small object you both cherish.

Bio: As an inquisitive and tenacious Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and adventurer of life Lindsay Gurley brings a strong, confident, and grounded energy to propel clients forward. As the founder and owner of Ora Māia, she has created a platform to share her deep love and passion of connecting individuals deeper to themselves and to create the life they desire. Lindsay is inspired to help people live fully in every part of life and believes empowered sexuality is one way to harness that fullness.

Cost: $160 per Couple