longing for more in life?

lacking confidence and know your courageous self is dying to come out?

feeling like something is missing?

yearning to explore, let your inner child out, and be challenged?

are uncomfortable in the wilderness?

feeling like the whole world is against you and your dreams are unachievable?

stuck in your comfort zone and life is passively going by? 

continuously making sacrifices in your life?

now is your time -- your time to put yourself first. 

Deep down, you are aching for something new, you want to go to your edge yet something is standing in your way. I am here to help you. Together we will break through those barriersmove past the limiting beliefs holding you from stepping into the truer and more confident you. You will not only go to your edge but you will leap towards freedom. With me you will explore what is truly possible in your life

We will be at a rejuvenating hot springs, practicing yoga, and going into the woods, AND, there is real work, work that takes dedication and openness to unveil that which is holding you back. You will get dirty, you will walk in the rain, be uncomfortable, and rise out of the muck with a new perspective, with the courage and confidence to not only imagine what you want, but to grab it by the reins and actualize it. You will be diving into deep work, powerful personal transformation and development, challenges on the trails, crossing rivers, and meeting your truest self. This retreat will not only rejuvenate you, it will reignite the flame within you. 

What would be possible if you fearlessly came to your edge?

What might you see on the other side?

I customize each Raw & Real Retreat to the individual client and small groups needs and desires, providing the most transformative adventure into yourself and into the woods. 


Optional Adventures: (Full or half day)

  • Hike 
  • Bike
  • Rock Climb (with AMGA Certified Guide)
  • Raft
  • Alpine Ski
  •  Cross Country Ski
  • Snowshoe

Sample Daily Itinerary: One to Five Day Retreats 

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation Practice
  • Local, gourmet & organic Breakfast
  • Daily optional Adventure + Interactive Coaching 
  • Personal Coaching Session + Action Step Creation
  • Afternoon/Evening Personal free time
  • Catered Local, gourmet, & Organic Dinner
  • Hot Springs Soaking

With daily yoga, adventures, hot springs dips, and coaching, you will create the reality you truly seek while immersing in the beauty of wilderness and space. Adventures are season specific, ranging from hiking and biking to skiing and snowshoeing. I create a personalized experience that will not only revitalize your whole self and unlock your fullest potential. It is a spa day of adventuring and exploring into yourself, nature, and all of your possibilities. Raw & Real Retreats are designed to bring powerful shifts, transformation, and expansion into your life. What will you discover?


About Your Host and Coach, Lindsay Gurley

I am a passionate adventurer, educator, and leader that strives to deeply connect individuals with their true selves, wilderness, and others. I work to create purpose, courage and confidence, and to promote a positive relationship with the environment and the world. Supporting others in creating the life they truly desire aligned with personal growth, deep inner work, wilderness, and adventure is what excites me.

As a Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and lifelong Adventure Seeker, I created Raw & Real Retreats from the joy and knowledge I have gained through my personal backcountry experiences, leadership trainings, yoga workshops, and my own deep personal work. Raw & Real Retreats are a conduit to explore the unknown, in the wilderness or your own life, the Retreat is an experience to relax and renew, to get dirty and play, to discover what you really want and how to bring a better self into fruition. 

I want to support your discovery and inspire you to dive into the depths of yourself. To get vulnerable and see what the future holds. With me, you will step past limiting beliefs and barriers and find where your next real adventure lies. 

What Others are Saying... 

"I reconnected with my sense of self more than anything, I have been gaining all of these new aspects of my personality over the last few years and I haven’t had the opportunity to think about who I really want to be moving forward. It is not so much about what I will do, or where I will go, but how I will be that has changed because of my work with Lindsay. My self awareness has been heightened since we worked together, making me aware of when I am judging myself too harshly, or wasting time instead of being efficient so that I can play later."  - Ashley
"Three words that described my Raw & Real Retreat: Clarifying, rejuvenating, & grounding." - Emily
"It's through the adventure and one-on-one time we spend together that makes this experience better than any other I have tried. I have been working with Lindsay for over five years and each day we spend together allows me to let go a little more, to release what clutters my life, to really give myself ME time, and discover what I really want. Plus, getting dirty, stuck in the rain, and walking across log bridges is a lot easier when exploring with Lindsay." - J. 
"I was reminded of the power and beauty of being quiet in nature and that deep listening is essential for transformation." - E. 


With three beautiful pools, located in the heart of the White River National Forest, Avalanche Ranch provides real space to revitalize and let go of day to day worries in order to dig deeper into what you desire. Raw & Real Retreats provide a powerful space for either small groups or personal, one-on-one experiences. Working closely with you prior to the retreat, I will develop a transformative experience that will fit you (and/or your group), you can be as involved or uninvolved in the planning as you prefer.   

As an all inclusive, fully accommodating experience, you will be immersed in the retreat right as you arrive. With airport pickup in Eagle or Aspen, to the gourmet meals, personalized adventures and coaching, plus private yoga, this retreat will light up all of your senses. If you are yearning to create something new, discover more meaning in your life, explore the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and dive into self exploration, this retreat is for you. The work and goals created while we are together can continue to deepen post retreat, with an optional 6 month coaching package special post retreat. 

Your 1 to 5 day Raw & Real Retreat Includes:

  • One to four nights accommodation at Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs
  • Local & Organic gourmet Meals from check in to check out
  • Private Morning Yoga & Meditation Practice
  • Daily Adventure + Interactive Coaching
  • Personal Coaching Sessions (1 per day)
  • All transportation during the retreat
  • Hot Springs Soaking Access for whole stay
  • Discovery Call pre Retreat
  • 1 Post Retreat Coaching Session 
  • 3 month Action Plan to put your work into action
  • Adventure Snacks  

Private Raw & Real Retreat Package: (Group rates available)

One Day ~ $499

One Day + One Night: $699

Two Nights: $1299

Three Nights: $1999

Four Nights: $2699

Booking Bonus:

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Questions about the Retreat?



Book your 5 day/ 4 night Private Raw & Real Retreat today and get 1 Month of Coaching Sessions (post - retreat) on me! This includes three on the phone or in-person coaching sessions, Soulwork & action steps, accountability to hold you to the work, and email/text contact in between sessions. This is a $900 value bonus to you from me! 



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