The best views come after the hardest climbs.

~ Anonymous

Adventure, as Webster defines it, is an unusual or exciting experience. An experience necessary to live, function, and dream. Lindsay believes that by combining the forces of wilderness with the powerful process of coaching, a deep truth can be unlocked for each individual. Facing the challenges of life, step by step, moment by moment, can inspire clients to break through barriers and beliefs which might be holding them back. 

Adventure can be in your backyard, in the high peaks of the Rockies surrounding Aspen, in the desert, in the ocean, or in the city. Adventure is about exploring, getting uncomfortable, and actively leaping past your edge, through the river, or over the mountain. To adventure into the wilderness, into the oasis of nature, has the capacity to unlock deep inner desires and can connect you to yourself in a way like no other.

For a limited number of clients, I offer Adventure Based Coaching as a place to face challenges head on, to disconnect from the fast paced, plugged in life and to create an unforgettable, backcountry connection to launch one forward in life. From a day hike out your backdoor, a simple bike ride, to a bigger adventure, take your coaching sessions to the next level and be surrounded by the elements, wilderness and the raw connection to nature.