The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgement.

~ Swami Kripalu


Yoga creates a deeper connection with the koshas, or layers, of the Self. Through asana (postures), pranyama (breathing), meditation and self observation, yoga invites the individual to dive into the inner world to explore the potential and possibility of this life. I share a practice based in self inquiry and witnessing the mind, body and spirit. Offering yoga for any level of practitioner. Life always poses challenges and through the expansion of yoga into every day, I believe students can find a new sense of clarity and determination.

I offers private classes, at your home or in a local studio in Aspen or Carbondale, Colorado, as well as a regular class schedule at True Nature Healing Arts.  

Private & group Classes

Develop, deepen or expand your personal yoga practice. From long-time, advanced students to first time yogis, I will tailor classes for the individual or group needs.

Privates are a great option for yogi's with new or old injuries, assisting students to find a practice to help heal instead of hinder an injury. With a wide range of class options I offer a strong Asana (posture) class to deep pranayama (breath) and meditation guidance. Offering both private and group classes at your home, hotel room, a private studio or in the outdoors. Give yourself the intimate setting to expand your practice. 


Private and group prenatal classes are available for mothers-to-be at all stages of pregnancy.

As a certified Spiral Mama's Prenatal teacher, studying under Laura Jade Waster. I have grown to deeply appreciate the connection of yoga to the health and strength of women during pregnancy. I create a space for community, discussion and yoga practice hoping to bring women together and foster relationships.

Studio Classes

Teaching at studios throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, I incorporate many different lineages of the yogic tradition, offering classes that not only challenge the physical body but also enliven the mental and spiritual bodies. I invite students to flow breath to movement while sitting in the fire sustaining postures, utilizing active pranayama (breathing). Classes range from basic classes to balance the whole Self to challenging, invigorating classes for more advanced practitioners. 

Current Schedule:

Tuesdays 8:45am Balance @ True Nature 

Tuesday Restorative @ River Valley Ranch

Regularly Subbing


Private Yoga Aspen, Colorado